Two sister’s had one simple dream.  Create their own website that gave them the perfect excuse to buy and show off an entire world of make up in the name of blogging.  That dream is becoming a reality right before your eyes right here! Welcome to TwoChixBeautyFix!
So what do we do here?  Well while our ideas, likes, and dislikes are always changing, we have a few main intentions.

*Review Products
We love our products.  So much so not a week goes by that we aren’t buying new products.  From high end products to stuff we pick up at the local dollar store, we want to try it all!  We intend to test those products and document our results here through pictures, videos, and blogs in our own words.  Often poorly written, but always honest blogs!

Tell You About Deals & Freebies
We sure like free stuff and good sales! We hope you do too and when we find them, we will post them.  Nothing like opening up the mailbox to find lots of surprises! We also like to do giveaways now and then too.

*Offer Tutorials
In our make up adventures we are constantly discovering new tips and tricks.  We intend to share what we learn in video and photo tutorials and learn along with you. 

*Have Fun and Embarrass Ourselves for Your Enjoyment
No way around it! It’ll happen!

So who exactly are the two chix? Just two sisters with a thing for make up and other beauty products who want to share our love.  We aren't experts in anything, but this is the internet so who cares? Allow us to introduce ourselves using obvious myspace angles.

Liz aka “TinkleWinkle
She likes Bare Escentuals, Urban Decay, Benefit, E.L.F., Snails, Unicorns, and breastfeeding in public.

Sarah aka “Sarah Nerd”
She likes Sugarpill, Urban Decay, Lime Crime, eBay, auctions, photography, virtual worlds, and sifting through others trash.

And together they form what will forever be know as the TwoChixBeautyFix team!

Disclosure Policy:  We are in no way experts of anything. We aren't make up artists or even claim to be good at it for that matter. We aren't professionals. We don't even wear make up everyday. We are just your average dorks who love to collect and play around with make up and beauty products like most girls (and some guys), and we like to talk about it. Opinions expressed are ours, and ours alone. Some posts or pages may include affiliate links that provide us with some sort of compensation be it in the form of money, or just referral rewards programs.  Trust me when I say we spend more buying the make up we review then we make with this blog. (A whole lot more!) This in no way influences our opinions. We strongly believe in being honest and very upfront even when that means we look like total a-holes or it kills our chances of having a good relationship with a company or brand.  While we are far from classy we were raised with morals and integrity when it comes to the stuff that really matters.

- ww4 - top9