Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream

I've seen the infomercials for Hydroxatone products for awhile now but have never tried it myself.  Thanks to iFabbo I got the chance to try out the brands new anti-aging BB cream.  Ilike BB creams.  They generally aren't as pigmented as full foundation so it's easy for someone like me who  hasn't mastered foundation to get a flawless look without streaks and that "fake" look".  Hydroxatone is no different. It went on easy and and blend in well.  But this BB cream has a few things that set it part from basic BB's. 

It multi-tasks!
It hydrates, conceals, protects, reduces the look of aging and brightens the skin.

It has sun protection!
It has broad spectrum SPF 40.  That's a lot of protection and since I have fair skin I love that aspect!

It has plant extracts!
Added to help calm and smooth skin.

It's loaded with Vitamin C!
That stimulates collagen and supports optimal skin health by promoting the skins own regenerative properties and helps brighten skin.

I haven't been using it long by so far I'm loving it.  I love that it's a multi purpose product because I tend to get a little lazy when it comes to skin care so it's nice that one product can offer so many benefits.  It's summer here so the sunscreen is really helpful right now too.  I don't tan, I burn so I need it!  If your looking for a new BB cream, this is defiantly worth a try! 

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