Thursday, May 16, 2013

Super Black Lacquers!

I kind of have a thing for indie brands so I was super excited about getting sent a few bottles of Super Black Lacquers to play with.  These kick ass colors are hand mixed by the seriously cool Natalie Dee from the blog Stuff I Put On Myself who clearly has a lot of pride in her brand and I think it shows it the final product.  These colors are pretty unique.  I probably have a collection of over a hundred bottles of nail polish and I don't have any that compare to the colors I was sent.  

My favorite was the holographic color "whip" which is what I imagine unicorn puke or a magical manatee would look like.  From a distance it looks kinda gray with a satin finish but when you get closer you see all sorts of sparkle that changes color as it moves in the light. I've been wearing it for about two weeks now and can see myself using this until the last drop because I like it so much.  

But I do love them all and I think I have a new favorite polish brand.  It's defiantly a brand worth checking out and if you want to get your own grab some HERE!

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