Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Love With Food Monthly Subscription Box ($2 First Box)

Yea yea I know, it's not like I need to add yet another box to all the other subscription services I get but with a promo letting me get the first Love With Food box for $2 out of pocket all my will power slipped away.  And this box is filled with yummy food goodies, something this fat girl loves as much as make up.  If you want to get your $2 box just use the code FBGIFT at checkout HERE. If you get the first box and don't love it you can cancel.  If you don't cancel you get charged $12 for the next box the following month.  This is the first food box I've tried unless you count the occasional Cravebox.  If it's worthwhile I'll keep it since $12 for 8+ items isn't a bad deal in my opinion.  If it sucks then I'm canceling and I'm only out $2.  I'll post pictures when it arrives.

And I forgot to mention that every box you get they donate a meal to a hungry child.  That alone is worth $2!

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