Thursday, May 31, 2012

My June 2012 Julep Maven Box "Classic With A Twist"

My June Julep Maven box arrived today!  I'm really starting to like these boxes.  This is only my third box, but it seems you always get a little something more in your box then what's pictured when you choose your monthly style. If you don't currently subscribe you can try the first month for just a penny using the coupon code COLOR2012 at checkout HERE.  But anyways here's what I got!

While Julep Maven allows you to pick any style you want each month or just skip the month if you don't like any of them, I choose to go with my profile style "classic with a twist" because I loved the polish colors included this month. 

It was wrapped really well this month.  Everything was snug and secure and protected.

The blue color is called "Claire" and the bright pink is "Lauren".

I guess last month they had a few complaints about some polishes having funky bent out of place bristles. Mine were fine, but they sent everyone out a few extra brushes just in case to replace them.  

Julep daylight defense SPF 30.  A moisturizer for hands, nails, and skin.  Just in time for summer!

Julep daylight defense SPF 15 lip balm.

And it was all wrapped up with Pixi Stix in the bow which remind me of Evil Shades cosmetics.  I'm happy with my June Julep Maven box!

June & July Beauty Box 5 Expected To Be Even Better Then May

Beauty Products Delivered Each Month!

Beauty Box 5 was kind enough to send me the May box last month to check it out for myself.  It had some pretty cool stuff, and a lot of unique brands that I had not yet discovered or seen in other monthly services. They are now saying that they expect the June and July boxes to be even better then Mays!  There is still time left to get in on the June shipment.  Find Beauty Box 5 HERE.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Topbox Cover FX Facebook Giveaway

Topbox is running a new Facebook giveaway offering up all the Cover FX items pictured.  Only takes a few seconds to enter HERE.

Free Sample Boss Orange Fragrance

Free sample of BOSS Orange Fragrance out! Grab it HERE.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Grab a free sample of Lanacane anti-chafing gel HERE. These gels often have the look and feel of expensive primers like Smashbox Photo Finish because they are made with some of the same ingredients. Here is a list of reviews on MakeUp Alley from people who have used this as a foundation base. It really works!

Rite Aid $1 Off Any Loreal Colour Riche Nail Polish Coupon

Rite Aid has a new coupon out for $1 off any Loreal Colour Riche nail polish.  Valid through 6/9/12.  Grab it HERE.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lime Crime Palette D'Antoinette Swatches & Review

Yesterday I got my Lime Crime Palette D'Antoinette as a gift from my sister.  I have been wanting this so badly since it came out a few weeks ago.  I already had the China Doll Palette that I love, so I knew I'd probably love this one too.  And I do! So I decided to get some swatches done for you tonight which gives me another opportunity to play with my new palette again!  All swatches are shown over Lime Crime's Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper (primer). 

Just like China Doll, this palette came in the great purple tin featuring the Lime Crime logo. 

Royal Flush


And I saved my favorite for last! 


I wish I could better capture the color of this amazing silver eyeshadow for you.  It's a very metallic silver, and when light hits it just right it's almost like you can see sparkling little hints of other colors reflecting.  This is the BEST silver I've ever come across yet.  It actually looks like pure silver rubbed across your skin. Before I got this palette, I just assumed I'd love the purple most because well, I have a fetish for all things purple, but this silver rocks!   Metallic shadows that perform this well are so hard to find, I'm just in love with it!  

I'm obviously very happy with this.  The colors are great, they go on smoothly, and blend effortlessly. I'll plan to buy every palette Lime Crime come out with in the future. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lime Crime Eyeliners Out TODAY!!!

The new Lime Crime liners came out today!  I want them all! (I can dream right?)  They are priced at $13.99 each and all the swatches I've seen look amazing. Can't wait to get a hold of my own.  Check them out HERE.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rite Aid $1 Off Kiss Nail Dress Coupon

New Rite Aid store coupon out for $1 off Kiss Nail Dress. Grab it HERE.  They also currently have a Nail Extravaganza going on until 6/2/12 where if you spend $30 on nail art products, you get $10 back in Up Rewards for a future purchase!

imPress Broadway Nails Facebook Giveaway

Broadway nails, makers of imPress are giving away 100 prizes in 10 days.  1 Daily grand prize winner gets a gift pack with around $150 worth of product, and 9 second prize winners get a pack of impress nails.  You enter by filling out your info on Facebook HERE.  Only took me a few seconds to enter.

Edit to add 5/23/2012... I won a 2nd prize in this contest! I'm excited because I heard these actually work unlike old style press on's so I'm happy I get to try them! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Keep An Eye Open For New Target Summer Beauty Sample Bag

The Target Style Facebook page has been hinting all day that a new Summer Sample bag might be coming soon and finally about half an hour ago they us know that details on how to request one will be out sometime tomorrow (Tuesday 5/22/12). 

I LOVE these sample bags. I've gotten two in the past, the most recent being a spring themed bag a few weeks ago. They are totally free and you get a cute little cosmetic bag stuffed with beauty related samples and Target coupons in the mail.  When the offer appears they go REALLY fast so you need to request it right away.  Keep an eye on the Target Style Facebook page so you don't miss it. Being these are probably my favorite online freebies, I hope I'm online when this offer goes live!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My BeautyBox 5 May 2012 Box

The lovely people at Beautybox 5 sent me my very own May box to try out for myself and here's what I got!

It came in a cute little blue box.  I loved opening my mailbox and seeing this peeking back at me.

It came with a Thank You card, which I think is nice.  It's always good to know that a company appreciates your business.

It comes all wrapped up in a little bag that can be saved and reused.  These bags are awesome for keeping loose jewelry in!

Comodynes Self-Tanning Towlette

Samples of it's a 10 Styling Serum and Miracle Hair Mask.  I LOVE this brand.  I've used the hair mask on myself and kids for about a year now.  It's makes the hair so much easier to brush through and makes it feel nice and soft.  It's a little pricey, but in my opinion worth it.

Merlot Natural Grape Seed Skin Care samples and info pamphlet.  I like it when info is included, because I'm not familiar with the brand so it gives me a little insight.  

Evie Evan Mini Purity Masque

Tree Hut Shea Body Butter.  Generous 2 oz size.  Smells great!

I'm happy with my box!  Some of the samples are small, but there's a good variety of them and I haven't tried most of these brands yet.  Sometimes it seems like I get the same products and same old brands from service to service but this box is a nice change.  The reason I subscribe to services like these is so that I can be exposed to new products I may not have found and tried otherwise and this does that for me.  I'm excited about testing these goodies out and I totally a fan now of Beautybox 5!  If your interested you can find info on Beautybox 5 HERE

My May 2012 MyGlam Bag

Sorry I'm a bit late posting this, but here is what I got in my May MyGlam bag!

Two more brushes which I imagine would complete the collection. This is the third month we have gotten pieces of this brush set.  They are pretty nice quality wise. 

philosophy love sweet love sample

Studio Gear lipstick in "Warm Embrace".  I thought the Studio Gear line had faded out, but it seems they are making a comeback.  These retail for $15 each so I suppose this paid for the bag. 

iss Beauty Nail Bling decals.  These are neat and they have slightly raised studs, but to be honest they look like the ones I pick up at the dollar store for a few bucks by the register.  Don't get me wrong, I like dollar store nail decals, I just wouldn't of expected to see them in MyGlam. 

It was an alright bag.  I haven't been as excited with the service as I was when it started and we were getting full size Urban Decay and NYX items, but they are still pretty nice. 

Julep Maven June 2012 Box Choices

The Julep Maven box choices are out!  One of the cool things about Julep Maven is that if you don't like the box that you will getting for your style profile that month, you can choose a different style or just choose the "skip a month" option.  If you don't currently subscribe to Julep Maven, you can try your first month for one cent no strings attached by using the coupon code SHAREONMAY at checkout HERE.  But anyways here are your options this month! (Click them for larger views)

This month I'm sticking with my profile style "Classic with a twist" because I really like the colors included. 
- ww4 - top9