Monday, May 14, 2012

My Gossip Girl Birchbox May 2012

My May Birchbox finally arrived and here is what I got!

The normal Birchbox notecard explaining each item we received, and an additional card with info on a Gossip Girl trivia sweepstakes. 

Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline Eau De Toilette Sample

Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Body 20 Glow.  I got to review and giveaway products from this line a few months back and loved it!

Kiehls Abyssine Cream 0.25 fl oz

Sugar Rose fresh Lip Treatment mini.  I got one of these as my Sephora yearly birthday bonus and one recently in a Sephora favorites kit I purchased so I'm getting a nice little collection of these going.

And  a note card.  Yea.... a note card.

To be honest I was disappointed in this box.  I had high hopes that it would be special since it was Gossip Girl themed.  Instead I got only 4 items instead of the normal 5 or 6 we normally get unless you count the note card as a 5th item, and I don't!   It wouldn't even allow us to give feedback on the cards to get 10 points.  I still love Birchbox and don't have any intention of unsubscribing or anything like that, but I was let down by this box. 


  1. I was SO disappointed too! The Teen Vogue box was so great, I was hoping this one would be just as amazing.

  2. That isn't the same as the stuff I got in mine, I ended up with an anti aging cream, not that brand though, A sparkly eyeliner from Stila that I tried once and thought was horrible, a perfume and the notecard. Was pretty disappointed.

  3. I just had high hopes since it was a show sponsored box.