Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Beauty Army Box March 2012

When I had to make my choices earlier this month on what samples I would receive in my Beauty Army Box I was less then thrilled with the choices. I'm always after makeup and it was all skincare this time around.  When I actually got my box in hand and got to see the sizes of the items, especially when compared to my other subscription services this month I was pretty excited. I believe the 2.2 oz body shimmer is full size and the others are pretty generous for a "sample".  I also didn't realize how costly some of these items were and if you do the price per ounce this box is worth it's cost several times over.  Here's all the goodies I got..

SunFX Body Shimmer 2.2 fl oz.

Befine Food Skin Care Night Cream.  0.5 fl oz.

Eye Prep FX 0.16 fl oz.

cellCeuticals CerActive Moisture cream.  0.33 fl oz. 

Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil

Babor Argan Cream. 1/2 oz.  The full size is $125 for 1.6 oz, so a 1/2 oz "sample" is pretty f'n awesome in my opinion! 

Even though I didn't get any makeup like I prefer, this turned out to be a pretty sweet box in my opinion.  I plan to try a few things and sell or trade the few I probably won't use.  I'm happy with the March Beauty Army

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  1. Hi Sarah (and Liz)! I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you to do one of those get to know me tag games. :)