Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beauty Army Now Has Referral Program & Badges


I got an email today from Beauty Army saying that I had earned a badge for being a three month member and it came with a coupon code for $10 off a $50 order. I guess the badges are new so I logged into my account and found the badges page.

There I found my one lonely badge that went from gray to a light pink. Not super impressive, but I did learn that they now have a referral program.  If you convince three people to join up, you get a free month.  They didn't have this when they started so I'm glad they finally put a referral program in place.  They also had badges for reviewing items and doing surveys.  You do five and you get a 15% off a full size order coupon code.  

Honestly I have no intention of using my $10 off of $50 code.  Money is tight this month (like most months) and there's nothing on the site I can't live without at the moment.  I think free months for referrals are nice if you can talk three people into joining and the 15% off if nice because it doesn't look like you have to spend a set amount as long as the items ordered are full size.  I don't like this set up as much as I do the Birchbox points system, but I'm happy that Beauty Army is working more towards rewarding customers for loyalty.  Something I wish MyGlam would do. HINT HINT MyGlam!

Oh and if your interested in joining Beauty Army, help me out and join up HERE.


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