Saturday, January 14, 2012

Beauty Army Box Review January 2012 The First One!

My very first Beauty Army box finally arrived in the mail today! So here is what I got and what I thought...

The box itself come wrapped in a protective white cardboard box that held it nicely in the center.
The box itself is a sturdy black box very similar to a cigar box.  I really like the box.  It's so nice and well done that it will be perfect to reuse.  I plan to use it to store some make up in.

I think the items were originally wrapped in the random pieces of pink tissue paper in the box, but they weren't taped or tied in any way so I'm sure they came undone with the first little shake.

The first item I pulled out was the Blingtone eyeshadow in "morococo" by myface cosmetics. This is a full size product that retails on the myface website for $20.  It looks like a nice color packed with shimmer, but the eyeshadow cake managed to get destroyed in shipment bouncing around the box. I'm glad it's sealed in shrink wrap or that would have been a total mess.

Next is the StriVectin-EV Get Even Brightening Serum.  Truth be told the only reason I picked this was because I know I can sell it on eBay for about ten bucks so I figured that would pay for my month.  Now after reading up on the brand more I'm getting interested and think I'm going to keep it and try it out. 

BOO-BOO Cover up.  This is supposed to help boo-boos heal while covering them.  The jar is tiny.  About the size of a quarter. The label looks like it was printed on a home computer and someone just put a tiny little squeeze into the container. It's not professional looking at all. This may be an amazing product, but I'm far from impressed with the brand based on the packaging of this sample. I regret picking this as one of my samples after seeing it, but I only had 9 options to choose 6 items from.

LaRocca Pumpkin Fleur de Sel Body Polish.  I've been happy with items I've tried in the past so I look forward to trying this.  If you like pumpkin smells, your going to love this.  It smells yummy!

Sheaterra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap 1oz size.  I opened it and took a sniff, but it couldn't really detect a smell of any kind.  

Chella Anti-Fatique Eye Mask Kit.  Well this one looks like it will be fun to play with! 

And that was my first kit!  Right now I have really mixed feelings on this service.  I think it's worth the ten bucks for sure, but I'm not in love with the lack of selection the website offers, and was a little turned off by the boo-boo cover up and broken eyeshadow.  I did contact the company about the damaged item and hope to hear back from them soon. I plan to stick with it for a few months and see where it goes, because this is just the first month after all.

If you want to subscribe just click HERE and help me get some referral points! 

Edit to add: They got back to me about the broken eyeshadow and said if I emailed them next month they would add a 7th free sample to my box. 


  1. So you have to wait a month, then remember to email them so that they'll add a sample to replace a broken full size item? Not sure I like the sounds of that.

    I'm already sub'ed to cravebox & just got an invite for GoGoGirlfriend. Trying to decide which ones I "need"! haha

    BTW just saw this post a few minutes ago -- it might help w/your shadow woes.

    Enjoying the blog! :-)

  2. Right now I'm doing Birchbox, My Glam, and Beauty Army. I was doing GoGo, but I let it go. As of right now MyGlam is my favorite.

    If beauty army sends me a 7th item next month I'll be happy. I just hope they follow through with it.

  3. Nancy (PR) seems to be really good about staying on top of things so you should be ok (I hope). I got one of the bling tone shadows too, and my LaROCCA item was a lip gloss. I didn't initially like my set of options either, so I just went back and re-did my profile until it offered samples I thought were neat.

    I'm on Birchbox, My Glam and Beauty Army but I just signed up for GoGo - I'll let you know if they have stepped it up since your last experience with them.