Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free Bare Escentuals Travel Size Prime Time Foundation Primer Dec 1st-4th

The Bare Escentuals website is advertising that they are offering a free Party Perfect Look if you visit a retail boutique which I take to mean they will do your makeup for free.  They are also offering a free travel size Bare Escentuals Prime Time foundation if you visit between Dec 1st and 4th if you print out an email (or the page linked HERE). No purchase necessary. 

Tarte For True Blood Glamour Me Palette Pictures & Swatches

I've been drooling over this tarte For True Blood Glamour Me Palette for months.  It combines two of my loves.  Kick ass makeup and the kick ass True Blood (One of my all time favorites).  I finally got my hands on it last night when my sister gave it to me as a gift. 

The packaging is just beautiful.  Rivets and laces and faux snake skin and leather.  It looks like it was wrapped in a sexy corset worthy of Pam herself. 

It features not just a few, but a whopping 17 NEW tarte eyeshadows with primer, eyeliner, and mascara.  I love the fact that they added colors fitting for any look from soft and natural to, smoky looks, to totally glammed out vamp.

It comes with a look card with 4 how to True Blood themed looks. 

I did a few swatches.  Keep in mind these are shown without the use of primer that really makes colors pop, and I literally just stuck my fat fingers in the shadows and rubbed them on my forearm. They are mineral (amazonian clay & mineral pigments) shadows so they tend to be a little light but the darker colors seem to be really pigmented and had I used primer, the sparkle would of shown a little better.  The natural shades seem lighter and feel like they will blend well. 

I really like this set and have a feeling this will be a set I'll end up wearing it out I use it so much. You can grab one for yourself over on the tarte website. Thanks to my sister Liz for such a bad ass gift!

Edit to add... I tried out a look on the card included called "Vampy Vixen"  because I really wanted to try out the color "The True Death" which is the pretty silver lined with a little "galmour me" (purple) and the aqua-gel liner..  It's such a pretty reflective mirror like silver.  I've been wanting a good silver and this is perfect for me.   I think this color with some faker lashes would be a great Holiday look.  I'm really digging this palette!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Birchbox Man Is Back In Stock!

Birchbox is offer a limited edition box just for men appropriately named "Birchbox Man". 

Each box comes with....

  • Anthony Logistics for Men® Advanced Formula Lip Balm SPF 25
  • Anthony Logistics for Men® Shave Cream
  • Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20
  • Kérastase Pâte Capital Force Densifying Modeling Paste
  • Kérastase Bain Capital Force Densifying Shampoo
  • Kérastase Homme Gym Bag
  • BVLGARI MAN Eau De Toilette
  • Supersmile Professional Whitening Toothpaste
  • Bonobos Pocket Square (limited quantities available!)
  • Bonobos $25 Gift Card
  • Field Notes Notebook Mixed 3-pack
  • EBOOST Super Berry Shots
  • Skullcandy Earbuds

    The box retails for $45 with free shipping and I thought it was a pretty sweet deal because the Skullcandy Holua wooden earbubs alone retail for more then the cost of the entire box at $69.99 on Skullcandys website.  I haven't even researched the individual cost of the other items, but I'm guessing it's worth well over double and probably closer to triple your purchase price.  I went ahead and used my saved up Birchbox points and got this pretty cheap for my husband (who luckily has no interest in reading make up blogs) for Christmas.  He's not really all that into skincare, but we are both big Skullcandy fans and I know he will like the duffel bag too.  The side effect of him smelling nice from using the products he gets with his goodies is more of a gift for me. This box came out a few weeks ago but sold out really fast and they just came back into stock today so I ordered right away.

    You can find this on the Birchbox website by clicking the "gift" tab, and on the bottom of the page there is a "gifts for him" section.  If your interested I'd grab it fast because I'm assuming these will sell out quickly like they did last time, especially with the holidays getting so close.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tarte Cyber Monday Sale! (ENDED)

Tarte is having a pretty good Cyber Monday sale! I don't see Tarte go on sale a lot so this is kinda exciting!  If you enter the code CYBER at checkout you get...
- $10 OFF purchases of $50 & up
- $20 OFF purchases of $75 & up
- $30 OFF purchases of $100 & up
Plus, with every order, receive a gift from your choice of 5 full-sized products.

So nows the time to get all those Tarte goodies you have been wanting!  Just click on the picture above to get there.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Huge ELF makeup sale on Totsy! Sets as low as $4!

Totsy is having a huge sale on E.L.F cosmetics for the next 8 hours. No set is priced higher than $9! There are mineral foundation and eyeshadow sets, lip gloss sets, eye manuals, and more!

This 100 piece Eyeshadow Palette, Holiday Edition is only $9!

This 48 piece Lip and Eye Palette is only $4!

Whether you need gifts, stocking stuffers, or fun new makeup for yourself, you can't beat these prices. Hurry before these amazing items sell out.

While on Totsy, be sure to check out their other sales, there is a Mineral from the Dead Sea sale, as well as some accessories and purse sales!

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Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips Verses Incoco Review and Pictures

I tried Incoco nail polish strips not that long ago so I have been wanting to give the Sally Hansen Salon Effects a try for awhile.  They run about 10 bucks in the store and yesterday Walgreens  was running a last chance sale on a handful of plain colors for $5.19 so I decided to grab a set. Really I prefer the patterns and designs, but that half price sale pulled me in.

There are 16 strips included and they come divided up into two sealed packs of 8.  These are in fact strips of actual nail polish that are almost fully dry and finish the drying process when you remove the cover films and press them to your fingers.  If they aren't sealed in the foil packs they dry up in a fairy short period before you have the chance to use them.

These apply just like the Incoco strips did.  You remove the backing and top film from a strip and press it to your bare nail. It's really flexible and forms easily to the shape of your natural nail. My nails are wavy and it formed perfectly. You need to work fairly quick before it dries.

Next you just file off the excess. And really that's it! It's dry to the touch (but flexible) from the get go, and fully hardens in a few minutes.  It has a nice shiny look to it. 

I put these on last night and I didn't have any chipping through the night.  While that's common for most people, I have paper thin peely fingernails that are super flexible and can't get through a day without most every end chipped off. I couldn't grow my nails long if my life depend on it.  Both these and the Incoco strips seem to seriously outlast traditional nail polish for me so I really like them. 

I moved pretty fast before the strips dried and I have really short nails so I was able to cut some strips in half and got away with doing my full set of fingernails with one of the sealed 8 packs leaving me the other half for later.  So if you have short nails you can stretch that set into two applications dropping the cost per application in half. 

I think I slightly prefer the Incoco brand over this because they have a lot more patterns to choose from, and also come with nail polish remover pads.  The Incoco strips also seemed thicker to me, but that is probably because I had glitter designs.  For the price I prefer designs and patterns and I only bought these in a plain color because of the sale. I also had amazing customer service from Incoco and I value that in a company. 

The benefits of Sally Hansen over Incoco are that you can get them instantly because they are at pretty much every corner drugstore, grocery store, and mass merchandiser. Incoco needs to be bought online, at least for me.  I have yet to see them in a retail location.   You can often find coupons for Sally Hansen products in Sunday papers taking a buck or two off the cost. I also liked the fact that they came in two separate sealed packs of 8, letting me turn my single set into two!  

So I guess both brands have benefits but in general I really like these strips over traditional polish painting and I look forward to more (hopefully cheaper) brands popping up.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner in Sabochan Swatches & Review

I got this tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner in Sabochan in the mail today and fell in love with it with the first swipe.  Why do you love it so much Sarah you may ask? Well let me tell you my reasons why! The package is cute and appealing like everything from the brand. It's a felt tipped pen and I love the tip.  It's a fine tip, but it has two edges.  A really thin side, and a slightly thicker flatter edge.  This makes for amazing control.

The black is a true black.  Not a smokey black, not a dull black, but true deep dark BLACK.  Squee! The felt tip has the perfect amount of moisture and it glides on easily and the tip allows for perfect control.  It goes on right where you want it too and no where else. It's like writing on yourself with a really nice pen.  It dried in what seemed like a second or two and was set.  I ran my finger across it and no smears! Not even a little bit!

The Sephora description says that these liners can be used on the eyes or even to draw waterproof temporary tattoos that come off easily with make up remover. How fun! I really want to own every shade of this that they make. Yea I'm that in love with it. These come in at $16 on Sephora which make them a little more expensive then drugstore liners but they out perform any pen liner I've ever used so I think it's worth it. Can't wait to get more!

My 8 year old was quick to volunteer to let me try this liner out on her, and that paired with a fake ponytail and she had some great dress up play time.

Edit to add: After several uses of this, I do get a little drag if I don't hold my eyelids tight or if I have a lot of eyeshadow on.  I still like it very very much.

My Secret Santa Haul!!

This year I took part in a Secret Santa gift exchange with the other forum posters at Make Up Talk.  I sent a goodie box out to my person not long ago, and I got my awesome goodies in the mail today from my Santa Stacy.  I've already played around with the Tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner and I'm in love with it.  I can't wait to do a full review on it. Needless to say, I'm one happy camper and I really enjoyed being a part of a Secret Santa exchange.

Black Friday Make Up Deals

Looks like there are a lot of great Black Friday sales for make up this year!  I've gotten a lot of emails from various brands letting me know about them and was pointed out to many more by the members of Make Up Talk.  Make up makes a pretty sweet gift, or gift for yourself!

*The last page of the Target Black Friday ad shows a 144 E.L.F. Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette for only $10!!

*Ulta is having a TON of deals both in store and online!

*Sephora's Facebook page shows a 10 items at $10 each sale that will be both in store and online. My sister ordered a few things and I believe they only allowed her to buy two, but some of these items are originally $30-$55 so it's a great deal even if they only allow you to get two.  A few examples are the Kat Von D Adora fragrance originally $55 that you can grab at $10 or The Bare Minerals All Decked Out set originally $44 and you can grab at $10.  That's freakin awesome!

*e.l.f. Has some great 50% off sales going on until midnight tonight (50% off site wide on up to $15 with coupon code SAVE50) and I believe they will be offering even more sales over the next few days.

*If you spend $40 at Bath & Body Works you can buy the 2011 VIP Bag for $20.  It's a $100 value.  Check out the website for a picture of what you get.

*Beauty From the Earth Cosmetics is offering grab boxes for $30 that are worth $60. I'm not familiar with this brand yet but the boxes look really nice.

*Sugarpill is offering 30% off everything on Friday and 20% off Saturday-Monday. Use checkout code PINKWEEKEND. Yay!

BH Cosmetics is having a sale offering a kick ass 45% off eyeshadow palettes and 35% off brushes!  Looking around the website it seems like most everything is on sale at various percentages off.

Coastal Scents 50% EVERYTHING! Wow! Now through the 29th at 9am. Discounts show up in the checkout process.

And there you have it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

L.A. Colors 10 Color Lip Palette Swatches

I picked this L.A. Colors 10 Color Lip Palette for only a buck at our local Dollar Tree store. It has a pretty variety of pinks and reds.  

The lip color wells are pretty shallow and only about half full. 

The brush is really small and doesn't have many bristles.  The few it did have were starting to come loose, but really I didn't expect much from a brush in a $1 palette.  I used one of my personal brushes for the swatch test.

You can see taking out a small amount for a single small swatch I was already at the bottom of the wells. 

And here we see each color modeled on my eight year old daughters arm.  I bought her time for the low cost of her getting to keep this palette after I took my pictures.

The colors seem more like a gloss to me then a lipstick or color because they are fairly thin and transparent and have a lot of shine.  Each of the 10 wells has about enough color for a single use, possibly two if you spread it out and don't need much coverage.  Not the best product, but really not bad for a buck and it's easily accessible since they carry it at Dollar Tree and almost every other Dollar store I've been in. 

Free Perfume & Skincare Samples For Today

You can get a free sample of Escada Perfume HERE.

And you can get a free sample of Atelier Orange Sanguine HERE by liking the Facebook page and going to the free sample tab.

You can get a free sample of Intraceuticals skincare HERE

I love free perfume samples because I buy most of my fragrance online so it lets me sniff before I buy. But lets get real.  I love any kind of free crap especially when it's delivered right to my mailbox! Remember, grab them now because online samples go fast!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Free Sample of Dove Nourishing Oil Care From Target

Target is currently offering samples of Dove Nourishing Oil Care on the Target Sample Spot page.   Target samples are really reliable and always come really quick, but they run out really fast so request it quickly! Non beauty related ....they are also offering a free Woolite sample today!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

L.A. Colors Artist's Eye Palette 50 Shade Eyeshadow Compact Swatches & Review

I bought this L.A. Colors Artist's Eye palette as a bit of an impulse buy.  I popped into a Discount Drug Mart to pick up toilet paper and got sidetracked walking through the cosmetics section.

The palette was colorful and cheap at only 5 bucks.  One thing I noticed quickly was that each palette had slightly different colors.  Literally every palette on the small display was different. Some would have 4 or 5 duplicates of the exact same color. There was no pattern or reason to the set up.  It's like people sat around grabbing any color in front of them and popped them into the palette.  I went for one with a lot of black shades in the corner of the palette so I could try them for smokey eyes.

And now for the swatch test!  We decided to give the black with sparkles a try.  I used an E.L.F. brush to apply it to my middle daughters arm.  The glitter that made it sparkle almost all fell off as we applied it.  The few particles of glitter that remained fell off within seconds.  The first swipe looked pretty light on bare skin so I decided to try a swipe over some Urban Decay primer potion.  That seemed to help it pop a lot more.

Next we tried a bright neon pink color at my daughters request. The results were pretty much the same as with the black.  It went on pretty light and needed primer to be more visible although I think the end result is no where near as bright as it appears in the pan. 

I think I've just been spoiled rotten by high pigment bright brands like Sugarpill so I wasn't very impressed with this L.A. Colors palette.  Still, the price was right at $5 so it's a good way to boost your eyeshadow colors quickly until you get better products.  This is also good to give to your daughters to make them happy and keep them out of your more expensive stuff.  While there are a lot of really great cheaper brands out there, I think in this case you get what you pay for.

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