Friday, September 30, 2011

24 Hour Lime Crime 55% Off Sale (October 4th)

I just got an email from Lime Crime letting me know that in honor of them receiving 55,000 Facebook fans, they are having a 24 hour only sale offering 55% off of shadows and primer!!! 55%!! To get the discount enter the code ICANTDRIVE55 during the last stage of checkout in a pink "apply promo code" box that appears to the right of the page where you enter payment info. 

I think the site is a bit overwhelmed with traffic at the moment since the sale just went live because it's moving very slowly and I keep getting error messages and/or pages not loading properly. I made it to check out once and attempted to buy the primer I've been wanting to try ever since I bought the brands Chinchilla lipstick, but when I went to use the discount code it gave me a message that the code didn't apply to the item in my cart although the email clearly states primer is included. I went back into the store in an effort to look at the shadow dusts but right now it just loads slowly and then I just end up with a message reading "This store is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience caused".  Looking at Lime Crime's Facebook wall, I guess I'm not the only one having issues tonight. I guess it just wasn't meant to be or the universe is telling me to back off since money is tight this week so I won't be getting in on this kick ass deal, but I hope some of the rest of you can get in on it.

UPDATE (10/1): The Lime Crime website is still under maintenance, and they have decided to postpone the sale to a undecided later date due to all of the issues.

UPDATE (10/3): The sale will run Tuesday Oct 4th from 12am - 11:30pm. This is a great opportunity to get all those Lime Crime Goodies for one hell of a discount! (I grabbed an eye dust! Yay!)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Incoco Nail Polish Appliques. A Second Look.

I recently wrote a review blog on the Incoco nail appliques I received in my September Birchbox. I loved the product and said so.  I went through a step by step (with photos) of the easy application process so I won't walk you through that again but I do want to go into a little more detail on this product. 
Incoco appliques are strips of real nail polish that are 95% dry and finish drying when you apply them. They are flexible and super easy to  form around any nail shape. They are free of formaldehyde and toluene. 
In my last blog among all the reasons I felt these were superior to other nail appliques, I made a comment about how it didn't remove properly from the clear protective cover. It still worked out perfectly in the end but I wanted to share the full experience of my first use. Well a few days ago Incoco contact me directly with the nicest email thanking me for the good review and offered to send me one of the best selling designs for free since I had the slightest issue with my initial pair. I was planning on buying more anyways so I was pretty excited about them sending me a pair.

They sent this kick ass design called "Disco Queen". It's a zebra pattern layered on top of silver glitter. It retails for $10.99 a set. The pictures really don't do the sparkle justice. I do love my glitter and in person the sparkle on this design is bright and amazing!

These appliques remove with typical nail polish remover and Incoco includes a nice thick red Polish Removal cloth with the sets as well as a small nail file, and manicure stick. My last set was still on and was still holding up pretty well but I wanted to give this cool new design a go so I used the removing cloth to prepare for this new set. 

The application process couldn't of gone smoother. The appliques removed from the backing perfectly this time.

I just firmly press the appliques into place, filed off the excess, and I was done in less then ten minutes, and that was with me stopping to take pictures as I went along. 

And my nails are pretty again! I have huge man-like hands. I also don't grow long nails. They are paper thin, peel, and just don't grow out nicely so I keep them short. It's more practical for day to life with 3 kiddos anyways. My hands and nails aren't my favorite feature but when I wear these pretty sparkly designs it makes me feel like my hands are more feminine and pretty. I've spent hours in the past hand painting patterns with basic polish and didn't get results that were nearly this good.

 I'm totally in love with this brand right now because of ease of use, end results, and customer service. I will defiantly be buying more.

Edit to add: A week later and these still look great and I haven't had chipping.  It's very RARE for me to have a nail product last more then a few days because I have paper thin and peeling nails so this is just amazing to me. I'm seriously in love with this brand and have already bought more. 

Medusa's Make Up "Loud Mouth" Lipgloss Review & Swatch

I recently got a few goodies from Medusa's make up including this gloss that I got for half price because it was the websites daily deal that was offered to me at check out. I don't love orange but at $4 I thought I could give it a try and see what the brands gloss was like without paying the regular $8 price.

It goes on with a felt tipped applicator like most gloss.  It has a thick gooey texture that offers a lot of shine on top of the metallic sparkles already in the gloss. It doesn't have any taste but but has a really yummy citrus tangerine like smell.  Really it smells so damn good I kind of wish it did have a matching flavor. 

The picture shows a single thin layer but if you put it on thicker you really see that metallic orange shine. It's really decent gloss. I would consider buying more in some purple or pale pink shades in the future.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

(ENDED) e.l.f. Sea Blue Natural Minerals Eyeshadow GIVEAWAY

What time is it??? It's GIVEAWAY TIME!!!! (The crowd cheers)
While out shopping today me and Liz found this set and thought it would be a fun giveaway goodie since we use e.l.f. a lot ourselves.  It includes natural mineral eyeshadows in blue shades and 1 eyeshadow brush. This shadow is 100% natural with no parabens, no chemical dyes, and no preservatives. The mineral eyeshadows sell for $3 each and the mineral brush sells for $5 when each purchased separately on the e.l.f. website. 

There are 3 ways to enter. You can do one, two, or all three and each gets you 1 entry. Do all 3 and get 3 chances! 

1) The first is to follow us on Facebook. This is a good idea anyways so you won't miss out on our posts or future giveaways.

2) The second way is to leave a blog post comment below telling us about your favorite e.l.f. product or any blue eyeshadow you like. Please note after you leave a comment you must also enter on the raffle-copter form because that's how we randomly and fairly pick our winner.

3) And last but not least, share this blog post to your Facebook page and help us get the word out!

Please note that we will only ship this to US addresses! 

And that's it! Good luck!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Allure One Week of Free Stuff September 26th-30th 2011

 Starting tomorrow Allure will be giving away 10,000 free full size items a day from Monday September 26th through Friday the 30th 2011.  You can enter to win everyday this week at noon EDT. With 50,000 total items odds are probably pretty decent and it's worth a try! 

Here's what you can win...

Monday: Pantene Medium Thick Hair Solutions Professional Level Damage Repair Ampules
Tuesday: Covergirl  Lash Blast Mascara
Wednesday: Secret Natural Mineral Deodorant
Thursday: Olay Embrace Body Bar
Friday: Olay Essential Complete All Day UV Moisturizer

To enter look HERE.

Violent Lips Lip Appliques

An e-mail from Sephora today announced a few new products they will start to carry, but the one that really sparked my interest was Violent Lips. They are lip appliques that are supposed to last 4-8 hours.  Watching the video it looks like they go on a lot like temporary tattoos. You cut them to size, place them on your lips, put water on the backing until it's soaked, then remove the backing and the applique stays on your lip. Right now it looks like Sephora is only carrying a line called "Glitteratti". 

They cost $15 and come with 3 appliques. 

The official Violent Lips website has a larger variety ranging from lips with lettering to animals prints and everything in between and prices are $9.99 to $14.95 for sets of 3. 

At $3.33 - $5 a pop (plus shipping) for 4-8 hours of wear I don't think these are practical for daily use if you aren't loaded, but I think these look really fun for special occasions like concerts or a fun night out. I hope to order soon and give these a try and review them!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sephora Kat Von D Autograph Eyeliner in "Homie" Review

 I picked up this Kat Von D Autograph Eyeliner in Homie about a week ago on clearance from Sephora for only $5. (Original retail $16) This was my third purchase from her line. I also have an eyeshadow palette and a brush set that I have used as my main brush set for about two years now. 

I am easily drawn to her items because I just love the black and silver rose pattern on nearly all of the items. I hate admitting that what a make up container looks like makes a difference, but I like pretty things in my make up box. It's like icing on the cake. 

I do love my purples but past purple eyeliners I have tried just weren't dark enough for my liking so I would always quickly default back to my favorite blacks. This one is an exception. It's a lovely deep purple with a hint of shimmer. 

It's has a fine brush that makes it really easy to control how much you want on even if you just want a really fine line. I had no trouble getting it right against the lash line on the first try. 

The only thing I dislike about it is that it goes on slightly transparent and blotchy with the first swipe. This is easy fixed by either laying it on thick or adding a few layers. After it dries it seems pretty smudge proof and so far seems like it has some good staying power.

I really like this liner! I wore it with purple eyeshadow tonight and liked it, and then put it on a purple and green look on my best friend Jess along with a little green mascara and she looked pretty kick ass! I think I'll be buying more liquid liners from the Kat Von D and Sephora lines in the future.

Friday, September 23, 2011

D.I.Y. Feather Hair Extensions

Feather hair extensions seem to be all the rage now and when I saw them, I wanted them! I hear salons charge around $20 for a single feather and that's freakin ridiculous if you ask me. For less then price of one I had feathers in my hair and on all three of my daughters and even on my niece. This is how I do it....

Here are all my supplies.

You will need..
1) Feathers of your choosing
2)Small pliers
3)Micro Beads 
4)A threading tool or needle and thread

For this demo I used a fake hair piece I have. The feathers look so much nicer on natural hair, but this was easier for the sake of pictures since I don't currently have anyone around to torture for my blog. 

They sell feathers supposedly made specifically for extensions, but I've come to find most any natural feather will work depending on the look you want to achieve. I found mine on eBay from a fly fishing supply seller. You can also get them in sporting good stores that sell fly fishing supplies and in some craft stores. This whole big red bunch set me back about $6. They are 4-6" long and look great in long bangs. The long black and white stripe feathers you see sometimes are called grizzly feathers and they cost a good deal more for a saddle patch but if you only need one or two you can find those on eBay too for about a buck a piece. The cheaper ones seem to have made my kids happy and have lasted a good two months so far.

You also need "micro beads". The ones I use are silicone lined but they also have ones that aren't. I feel like I get a better hold with the silicone. If you need less then 50 you can get them on eBay really really cheap. Around $2 if you order from China and if you go with a US seller you can get 50 for under $3 and they will arrive much quicker. The jar I have pictured I paid $12 for and it has 1000 beads. I tend to buy in bulk. It's a sickness I tell you, but I can't seem to stop myself sometimes. Just search micro-bead in the health and beauty category and sort price plus shipping lowest first. If you do a site wide search you will end up with a dick-load of crafting beads cluttering your search results.

Now it's time to get a small section of hair through a micro-bead. They make tools specific for this job (also can be found on eBay from China for under 2 bucks) but it's an unnecessary cost. I have one because they sent it to me for free when I bought the 1000 beads. You can also use a very very small lace crochet hook or just a needle and thread. We did the needle and thread method before we got our hook. I'll show you both.

You just put the hook through the bead, grab some hair and pull it through! 

With a needle and thread you do the same. Put the needle through the bead, wrap it around your hair strand, and pull it through the bead.

You don't need much hair at all, but I learned from experience to pull more then 3 or 4 hairs through or that feather can get ripped out pretty easy (with your hair attached! ouch!). 

Next you just slide the tip of your feather up into your bead. I don't like to poke through to far or else it stabs you in the head if you have it placed right against your scalp. We usually clip them in about a half an inch away from the scalp and it seems to blend in better with the natural hair flow that way.

Now it's time to clamp! 

They make special tools for this but that's a serious waste of money. You can use any tool strong enough to clamp the metal down but pliers work best in my opinion. 

You just give that bead a good squeeze of the pliers and that's it! It's in and done!

It should safely stay in through washing, brushing, and styling. To remove it you just squeeze the bead the opposite direction and slip it off. Pretty simple right? 

The purple grizzly one pictured below I paid less then a buck for and my daughter has had in in for more then 2 months. I just love how it lays across her hair so perfectly. We have also recycled feathers. One kid takes it off, I put the feather in my make up box and soon enough one of my other daughters wants it in her hair. So have fun with it, and don't feel like you have to limit yourself to specific feathers. Even if you end up with a variety that doesn't last very long when you do it yourself it's super cheap so who cares!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Working Those Sephora Samples (Sephora Sample Haul)

Every time you order something online from Sephora you get to pick out 3 samples that get shipped with your order, but they often have monthly specials where you can get additional items free on top of those 3. They usually have a few to choose from and you need to enter a promo code to get it. While generally they want a minimum purchase of like say $25, sometimes they don't like this month. They have a deal going where you can get a sample pack of 7 different high end skin care items for free with any purchase using the promo code SKINSTARS.

I wanted to get this goodie pack so I just looked around the site for clearance items. I could have gotten a Sephora brand brow pencil for as cheap as three bucks and after the $5.95 shipping I would of end up with 1 item and 10 items to sample for $8.95. I decided to go with some Kat Von D purple eyeliner on sale for only $5 and after tax and shipping payed $11.29. The original price of the eyeliner was $16. I have a few other items from her line and have liked them all. The package designs are kick ass, and the products are decent. Plus I was in need of a good dark purple eyeliner anyways. So for a good deal less then the original price of an item I wanted anyways I get that plus I get to sample 10 other goodies without going broke! Hooray for (almost) free crap! 

So this is what I actually bought..

And this is what I got for free (Sample Sizes)..

1) Dr. Brandt pores no more anti-aging mattifying lotion.
2) Jurlique Herbal Recover Gel
3) REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask
4)Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment
5) Bare Escentuals Purifying Facial Cleanser
6) Ole Henriksen African Red Tea See The Difference Serum
7) Boscia Oil-Free Nightly Hydration
8) Dr. Brandt Dark Circles Away Collagen Eye Serum
9) Charlotte Ronson A Summer's Kiss Face and Body Glow in Amanda 
10) The Art of Shaving three piece sample set

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lime Crime Chinchilla Review

I looked at this Lime Crime Chinchilla lipstick on the website for days going back and forth with myself on weather or not to buy. The color looks amazing on the website and it's a gray that has purple undertones and I'm always attracted to all things purple. I was afraid of buying and then when I got it home and put it on I'd look ridiculous like this woman who I see at an auction every week who wears no make up at all except for this really really dark uneven sloppy purple lipstick. She looks like a little kid who got into mommy's make up and I was afraid I'd look the same in this. But I couldn't fight the temptation anymore and I bought it. It's a limited edition so I didn't want to miss my window of opportunity. This was my first purchase from Lime Crime so I was pretty excited despite my worries about how it would look on me.

It came in a cute purple box covered in stripes and unicorns. Have I mentioned how much I love purple?

When you open it up it has this little phrase from the founder Doe Deere that I just loved.  "Beauty is not what's natural, or even what looks best... It's what feels right at the moment!" What a perfect motto for bright make up lovers! 

The lipstick was wrapped in lime tissue paper with a card featuring the three limted edition colors from the Lip Noir line.

The tubes are so cute. Pink with a sparkly unicorn. The color has a stronger purple tone then it appears to on the website which is fine with me. 

I put it on right away and instantly loved it. It made me feel like a sexy zombie. I guess my sister felt the same way because her first words were "You look dead". I'm going to take that as a compliment. It does give you a bit of a frostbitten look in a good way.

I played around a little and add some metallic blue from the center of the Coastal Scent 88 color palette.

I really like this lipstick. It's quality stuff and despite my fears I really like the color a lot. I'm totally going to be buying more from Lime Crime! (I have my eyes on the eye primer and a few eye dusts!)

Medusa's Make Up Mini Haul

I had never even heard of Medusa's Make Up before a few days ago when an ad popped up on our blog. I was attracted to the really bright 80's style colors and designs so I clicked and was happy to see that the website was just as bright and exciting as the ad.

I decided to buy and try one of the $8 eyeshadow's from the electro-collection. My first two choices were out of stock so I went with something that's a little bit out of my comfort zone...bright neon pink!

When I went to check out it gave me the option of buying the daily sale items for half the normal price. I got one of each because at half off it was only $4 for Loud Mouth Lip Gloss (Sparkle Orange), and $3 for Envy Mascara (Bright Green). 

I ordered on a Friday and they came on Wednesday so shipping was pretty fast especially when you consider the weekend. It came in a padded envelope and items were nicely wrapped for safety.

They also sent me two copies of the recent product catalog and two stickers. I love it when brands send stickers because I add them to my make up trunk and I had an extra for Liz!

While I haven't tried the products yet I'm impressed with the look and fast delivery. They all smell really good, and I can't wait to try them out. 

Price breakdown..
Elecro-Pink eyeshdow $8
Daily special Loud Mouth Gloss $4
Daily special Envy Mascara $3
Shipping & Handling $6.95
Total $21.95

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Incoco Nail Polish Applique Review

I got these Incoco Nail Polish Appliques in my September Birchbox and was pretty happy because I really liked the black with turquoise sparkles underneath design they sent. My sister got a different design then I did in her Birchbox (Zebra Print).

The sample set they sent had 12 strips while the full size product looks like it has 16 in various sizes.

They are sealed in a plastic/foil airtight packet because they are actually real nail polish strips that are 95% dry and will finish drying to your nail when you apply them. They even smell like real nail polish. Honestly I was expecting decals like I've gotten with similar products in the past.

The instructions tell you to remove all signs of old polish. I did this and I think it actually helped remove some of my nails natural oils and helped it adhere better. Then you peel off the top clear layer from the strip, and then remove it from the wax paper bottom.

I didn't have much luck with that because it wanted stay stuck to the top layer, but it wasn't that hard getting it separated from both. It just didn't work out the way they had intended.

The layer had a lot of flexibility and was easy to form to my nails unlike the decal variety's I've tried in the past.  I have wavy nails and it formed perfectly to them. I tried to work fairly quickly as instructed and since it was so easy to get on that wasn't really an issue.

Next you just file off the excess. I used my favorite crystal file.  And that's it! I had to resist the temptation to put on a layer of top coat because this has it built in. I was worried about it drying but after a little while it felt as hard as typical polish. The top coat was nice and shiny and I felt like my fingers were pretty!

I really liked these! They were so much better then the cheaper versions I've tried in the past. They were even better then ones I had bought from an online company that were double the price and ended up being double the work of these (I had to heat them with a blow dryer to get them flexible). I haven't had them on long so I will have to comment later on how well they last but right now I couldn't be happier with the results.

Edit to add....These have held up really well. I have paper thin nails and typical polish chips within hours. Two days later and this still looks perfect! 
- ww4 - top9